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Patient Care with Smart Bed

Medical and patient care are two very important things when it comes to the full recovery process. The beds that patients will be using, need to fulfill certain regulations in order to make them feel comfortable and relaxed, which will help them greatly to recover.

In order to do this, medical institutions started gathering health information continues to come up with a cost effective solution. Hence, they realized that the smart bed is the ultimate setting to collect biometric data that will largely influence the way they handle their healthcare.

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melafind system

The MelaFind optical scanner comes from MELA Sciences and it is already giving the most stunning results. When it comes to the most deadly form of skin cancer called melanoma, the doctors and medical scientists are still looking for an adequate medical weapon to fight this horrible disease.

When it comes to the cutting edge medical technology, people who suffer from headaches and migraines will be pleased to hear that their suffering is over. Since there is still no real solution to this problem, they have come up with an electronic aspirin, an implant that blocks the pain.


Patients who suffer from diabetes know how painful their self-care is. It will please them to know that they can replace their pokes with new medical patches. A new trans-dermal biosensor will read blood analytes through the skin and this technology involves a handheld device that reads patient’s blood chemistry.

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